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Tone It Up: Balanced And Beautiful

5-day reset for your body, mind & spirit!

Authors Karena Dawn & Katrina Scott created a 5-day guide for you that focuses on the amazing woman that you are. Have a plan to refresh, motivate, inspire, energise and relax!

In this book you will find daily fitness routines, tips to transform your mindset, delicious recipes to keep you inspired and all the love and advice of the ever amazing TONE IT UP community! Allow yourself to feel empowered, inspired and motivated to experience your best self. Live your most beautiful and balanced lifestyle.

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The key to live truly live happy life is to detoxify your mind first, the body will follow naturally. Help your body with healthy mindset and create the perfect conditions for your cells to thrive. It all starts with your own happiness! You may feel right now that you live in a prison but the truth is - you are the prison! Break free and reset your body, mind & spirit.

Love from others

“This book is a DREAM. It’s written to help us clear our heads, reset, recharge, and find ourselves all over again."

~ Morgan

“Balanced and Beautiful is full of so much inspiration & love. I know I’ll always come back to this book anytime I need a refresh!"

~ Kelly

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It is your birthright to experience love, joy, happiness, wealth, health, fulfilment and you don’t need to do anything to deserve it. Are you on your life path yet?